Understanding Illinois Health Insurance

The best health insurance policy is the one that fits you and your families needs the best

No matter which brand of health insurance you are considering, you need to be sure it offers you the right kind of coverage. How affordable isn’t the only question you’ll need to ask as you shop around. How the plan fits your lifestyle and history of medical use is the most important consideration. Just like shoes, one size does not fit all.

You Need the Correct Insurance Policy

The correct health insurance policy provides you with several types of coverage. For example: If your plan does not include hospital expenses, being hospitalized means you pay for your own room, board, and incidental services. If you have a plan that does not include surgical expenses, you could wind up paying surgeon’s fees. If your health plan does not have a major medical provision, you could find yourself exposed to the financial pain that most often follows a catastrophic injury or serious illness.

Make sure the plan you pick covers all the bases so you don’t run into unexpected out of pocket costs when you can least afford it.

The Benefits Make the Insurance Plan

Consider your health plan options to help you cross off plans that do not offer the kinds of additional medical benefits your most likely to need in the future; for instance:

  • Does the program provide for Vision, and eyewear?
  • Does the program have a Pharmacy Copay Program?
  • Does the program offer a Wellness Program?
  • Does the program provide Mental Health Benefits?
  • Does the program offer you Maternity Care?

    Analyzing Cost

    Questions of cost also need to be approached in a strictly itemized way. In addition to your monthly premium expenses, you will be confronted with an assortment of out-of-pocket costs that could easily add up, especially if you have children or family members who will need to visit your doctor regularly.

    Evaluate the health plans you’re considering from the standpoint of which ones require you to pay any of the following:

  • Co-payments: How much will you have to pay each time you visit your doctor or hospital?
  • Co-insurance: What percentage of your healthcare costs will you be required to pay after satisfying any deductible that applies?
  • Deductible: How much are you going to have to pay toward your annual medical expenses before your insurance company will begin paying out on your claims?

    The Correct Plan That is Right for You

    Overall, you will find that the best Illinois health insurance plan is always the one that is prepared to offer you the flexibility and benefits you need for the lowest possible cost. To find one, it is important to remember that there is no one standard health plan. You need to focus on what is important to you, and also what you can reasonably afford.

    Making a Final Decision

  • Does your plan allow you to pick your own providers?
  • Will the plan cover the services you are used to receiving?
  • Are your current doctors, and hospital in the plan?
  • Does your health plan offer both family and individual coverage?
  • Does your plan provide coverage for pre-existing conditions? If so, will there be a waiting period before you will be able to access care?
  • Illinois Individual health insurance plans from all carriers have a minimum of a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions.
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