Five ways to save money on health insurance

Understand your health care needs

Affordable Illinois health insurance is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Medical expenses nationwide are soaring higher than any other household expense, and the costs are out of control. But have you really taken the time to get to know what your policies cover? Knowing exactly what your healthcare options are is the key to savings.

Get into the habit of doing your insurance homework, because just as there are a variety of health insurance plans available to meet your needs, each one offers a variety of unique ways to save money.

Five ways to find the right deal for you

1. Take Advantage of Free Health Screenings and Practice Prevention – One of the easiest ways to lower your medical expenses over the long term is to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walgreen’s and CVS offer many reduced cost, or free programs such as immunizations for children, blood pressure checks, colon cancer screenings, and flu shots for those at risk.

  • Stop smoking and kick those other unhealthy habits.
  • Take advantage of any wellness programs or regular checkups your health plan may offer.
  • Take advantage of other free health services. Your neighborhood clinic or hospital may provide a variety of free screenings from monitoring cholesterol levels and blood pressure to providing mammograms. Stop by your local Walgreen’s or CVS pharmacy for more information on programs in your area.

2. Use MedeQuote to compare health insurance plans – We have plans from all the top health insurance carriers in Illinois.

3. Cut the cost of your prescriptions – Enroll in one of the many discount prescription programs now available. Take advantage of discount pricing offered by Canadian pharmacies.

4. Keep track of your medical prescriptions – When tax time comes around you may be able to deduct the cost of prescriptions and other medical costs.

5. Contribute to a Health Savings Account – You can deduct the entire amount of your deduction pre tax of you have an HDPA eligible HSA health plan.

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