Family Health Insurance

Take Charge of Your Family’s Health

Your insurance needs literally skyrocket after you start a family. You will start thinking over insurance options ranging from whole life to well-baby-care, and regardless of whether you are a new parent or a newlywed; there are a few things that you will need to know about the road ahead.

First of all accidents do happen, especially when you have an active family, and if you, your spouse or child were to fall ill or be injured, the mounting burden of medical bills could quickly become overwhelming. Generally speaking, the younger your family is, the more time you will be spending in your doctor’s office.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois offers a great ER benefit which is perfect for active families who tend to spend more time than usual in the emergency room. If you are a soccer mom you know what we are talking about.

Your health insurance will go from the luxury item it might have been back in college to a must-have. That is why taking the time to research, select and purchase a family-oriented healthcare plan should absolutely be at the top of every new household’s to do list.

What is more important to you? You will always have choices to make because of premium restrictions, they need to make it affordable, one plan may have prescription coverage, but make up for it by not offering immediate ER coverage. So analyze what benefit your family uses most.

Which Type of Plans Are Available for My Family?

If a group health plan is not available to you, even trying to decide which sort of healthcare coverage to buy can be a challenge. There won’t be any substitute for studying your alternatives carefully, asking every question you can think to get as many unbiased quotes as you can before deciding on a carrier.

For many younger families, finding an HMO or PPO plan turns out to be the least expensive option, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t compare the costs and provisions of the various plans that fall under those headings. Use a website like ours, one that will allow you to specify your monthly limits in addition to providing you with the kind of detailed information that will make it easier for you to do point-by-point plan comparisons.

Once again HMO’s are not avaialbe at this time for individual consumers in Illinois, it is strictly a group option at this point.

The Smart Way to Search for a Family Health Insurance Plan:

  • Carefully consider each plan deductibles and out-of-pocket expenditure limits.
  • Check then double check, to be sure that you have accurately calculated your household’s monthly budget.
  • Be sure to figure in the value you place on your peace of mind.
  • Find out which health plans cover prescription purchases.
  • Do side-by-side comparisons of benefit premiums, deductibles, co-insurance rates, and annual and lifetime out-of-pocket expense limits.
  • Even if your family can’t afford any other option, you will need to purchase at least a catastrophic loss plan
  • If you are considering plans with physician networks, it will be especially important not to forget to check out the membership lists if you have a favorite doctor, find out if he or she is a member.
  • If you determine that the health plan of your dreams can’t be had on your budget, consider a higher deductible.
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