Children’s Health Insurance

Finding health insurance for children

Your health insurance needs can literally get out of control once you start a family. Finding the right health plan for your children isn’t going to be crucial; it’s going to be essential. The younger your family, the more time they are likely to spend in a doctor’s office, and you need to be prepared. A major illness can set you and your family back financially for decades, and most importantly not allow your child access to the care he, or she needs.

If you are not carrying an Illinois child’s health insurance plan because of the expense, they are actually more affordable than you might think. Your state, like every state, sponsors a health program, available to working families, that offers basic healthcare coverage to infants, children and teens under age 19. For example in Illinois low income families can apply for health insurance for their children at no, or a reduced cost depending on income.

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Things to consider when looking for children’s health insurance plans:

1. Carefully consider each plan’s out-of-pocket spending limits and its deductibles. The out of pocket equals the total of the deductible and coinsurance. You may have a low deductible, but high coinsurance can negate that advantage.

2. Make sure that you have accurately calculated your monthly household budget. Health insurance is of no use to you if you can’t make the payments. Remember if you are struggling financially there are state programs out there that can help.

3. Find out which child health plan covers prescriptions, ER, wellness, and immunizations. Read the fine print, don’t take it for granted that these things are included.

4. Check to make sure your child’s doctor in in the network.

5. Look at child specific plans. Children have different needs than adults and BCBSIL has developed some excellent child only plans that reflect those differences. Give us a call at 800-391-7469 to compare the differences and educate yourself on the plans and programs available.

6. Consider taking on a higher deductible if you determine that a particularly attractive health plan won’t otherwise meet your budget. A high deductible plan may not cover the immediate costs, but it does guarantee you that your child will receive the immediate care at the best facility. If you don’t have insurance you simply will not have access to the best care.

Illinois Health insurance can be confusing and expensive, but there are a lot of easy answers out there if you look, or engage a qualified health insurance agent to find them for you.

Remember no matter your financial situation there are programs available for expectant mothers, and children at little or no cost depending on your income available from every state.

To learn more about the program in your state, you can call to 1-877-KIDS-NOW toll-free.

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