Getting to know MedeQuote

Did you know that MedeQuote is one of the oldest online insurance agencies in the entire country? We were among the first health insurance brokerages in the state of Illinois to pioneer the trend. We blend old fashioned customer service with the latest technology to make sure that you know exactly what you are buying and that your health insurance performs the way it is supposed to.

MedeQuote was established in 1998 and is operated by John Berkowitz. John resides with his family near Chicago in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. For those who may be interested in such things, John’s family health insurance is a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan.

We work closely with our Illinois health insurance carriers to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of knowledge in a rapidly changing market place. We can guide you through the new and ever changing world of health care reform.

We aren’t a lead company or lead collection web site. We don’t share your information with anyone but the insurance company you choose to apply with. That means you won’t get hounded and you won’t receive a bunch of unwanted telephone calls.

Carrier Customer Service – Do you need to speak directly to your health insurance carrier? We can make that happen for you by pointing you in the right direction to fill your need.

Network Doctor Finder – We make find your network physicians as easy as clicking one, two three! We have on-line directories for all the insurance companies that we work with that are easy to use and access.

Why buy from MedeQuote – Buying health insurance is a big decision and the prices for health insurance are exactly the same no matter who you purchase it from. What makes MedeQuote different is that we are a real Illinois neighborhood insurance agency with a solid internet presence which allows us to serve the entire state. Even though we have a statewide footprint we are a local agency that prides itself on great one on one customer service.

Feel free to contact us:

22 Tournament Drive South
Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, 60047
847-550-1444 – Office
866-201-4415 – Fax

Email us at MedeQuote

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