Dental and Vision Networks

Dental and Vision Networks


You can use your Denali Dental indemnity plan at any dentist you choose but you can save extra money by participating in one of our PPO networks. Pay less for in-network services – the percentage you pay is based on a discounted rate.


When a PPO plan is chosen, you generally pay less for services received from an in-network dentist because the percentage you pay is based on a discounted rate. With nearly 112,000* providers the Aetna® Dental Access Network provides our clients with plenty of choice and quality. Dentists participating in the Aetna® Dental Access Network may also offer negotiated rates** on additional services such as tooth whitening.

*Dental counts as of February 2012, Aetna Enterprise Provide Database. **Discounts for non-covered services may not be available in all states.

Click here to access the Aetna® Dental Access Network to find participating dentists in your area.

(Not available in AK, FL, ID, IN, ME, NC, NJ, NH, NY, PA, WA and WY.)

Aetna is a brand name used for product and services provided by one or more of the Aetna group of subsidiary companies, including Aetna Life Insurance Company and its affiliates. The Aetna Dental Administrators program is powered by the Aetna Dental Access® network. This material is for information only. Information is believed to be accurate as of the product date; however, it is subject to change.

Click here to nominate your dentist to be an Aetna® Access Provider


More than 151,000 Dentist access points across the country.

Click here to access Dentemax Dental PPO

(Only available in AK, FL, ID, IN, ME, NC, NJ, NH, NY, PA, WA and WY.)


Denali Vision utilizes the outstanding quality, value and service of Davis Vision. Davis Vision has been providing vision care services for more than 42 years and currently serves more than 55 million people. The Davis Vision network consists of nearly 30,000 providers throughout the country.

Click here to access our Davis Vision Network provider directory

For a full list of Denali – Davis Vision providers in your area, , select “Members” and enter client code 3096.

Denali Vision not available in CT, GA, MD, ME, NH, NC, VT, WA and NY

Spirit Dental and Vision Networks

You can use your Spirit Indemnity plan at any dentist but you can save extra money by participating in one of our PPO Network dental plans that may be available in your area.

Careington PPO

Careington is a premier marketer of dental, medical, health and lifestyle discount plans, as well as insurance plans through its affiliate Careington Benefit Solutions, that help members save money on health care and other services. The Careington Dental Network is one of the fastest growing independently owned dental networks nationwide. Designed by two dentists, the Careington Dental Network provides patients with affordable dental care – without interfering with the dentist-patient relationship. More than 65,000 general dentists and specialists offer Careington’s discount fee-for-service (POS) and PPO plans nationwide.

Click here to access the Careington PPO to find participating dentists in your area.

Spirit EyeMed Vision Care Insurance

Spirit Dental & Vision’s vision plan is available through the EyeMed Vision Care Network. EyeMed is a leading vision benefits company, offering the following features:

  • Savings on eye care and eyewear
  • Quality standards for care and materials
  • Access to thousands of providers nationwide, including the nation’s top optical retail brands
  • Eye Exam $10 Copay (Once every 12 months.)
  • Eye Glasses/Lenses $20 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Frames $0 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Contact Lenses (Once every 24 months) (Instead of lenses and frame)
  • Contact lens wearers will pay up to $55 for standard contact lens exam, including fit and follow-up, or receive 10% off retail price for premium contact lens exam, fit and follow-up.
    Members can locate a provider by going to They can register to use the secure member site once enrolled, or choose Access from the locator drop-down box.

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